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This franchise is independently owned and operated by a franchisee. Your application will go directly to the franchisee, and all hiring decisions will be made by the management of this franchisee. All inquiries about employment at this franchisee should be made directly to the franchise location, and not to The Grout Medic Corporate.

The Grout Medic Gives Back

give back

We at The Grout Medic believe deeply in giving back to our community. The We Are More initiative is our way of putting into action our dedication to a multitude of charitable causes. Whether through volunteering our time, or chartering fundraising events for things like cancer research, we are committed to finding unique avenues through which to impact society as a whole. Utilizing a nationwide network of franchises we have been able to increase our charitable footprint every year. At the center of our business belief model is that we are a company of heart and soul. We strive to live up to this through all of our philanthropic endeavors. We believe we can and should make a difference, that success is not defined only by our business success, but by the effort we make to improve the lives of those around us. You see we are more than just a business-we are a dedicated group of individuals pursuing a common goal of bettering our communities because “We Are More”.

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